These Bible studies originated during our weekend service. They are usually taught by Pastor Andy Falleur or a guest speaker.

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Andy Falleur - January 12, 2020


There are a lot of details given to us before Paul stands up and addresses the mob in the temple. What is Luke describing? Why is Luke taking the time to give us these specific details? What can we see described here that tells us about the way that Jesus has continued to do and teach?

From Series: "Acts Series"

This is a verse by verse study through the book of Acts.

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Andy Falleur - February 10, 2019


Acts Series

In this introduction to our study through the book of Acts, we look briefly at Luke who is the author, and some interesting parts of Acts where the story catches up with him. We also take note of the theme of those first fourteen verses, which is the command from Jesus to "wait". This is a common thing throughout the Bible, where the Lord causes us to "wait" for the promise He's given. Waiting does some wonderful things in our hearts and souls , and we noticed the example of how to wait which the disciples provide for us.

Scripture References: Acts 1:1-14

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