These Bible studies originated during our weekend service. They are usually taught by Pastor Andy Falleur or a guest speaker.

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Andy Falleur - January 5, 2020


In our passage today, Paul is stopping to visit with various communities of disciples in those last towns before Jerusalem. He encounters families in various stages of Christian growth and maturity. He is also warned through prophecy about what will happen to him in Jerusalem. Here we see descriptions of Christian families, the gift of prophecy and what is often required in pursuing the will of God.

Scripture References: Acts 21:1-14

From Series: "Acts Series"

This is a verse by verse study through the book of Acts.

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Andy Falleur - February 4, 2017

The Birthright of THE King

Matthew Series

We went through all of Matthew 1 and looked at the three proofs Matthew gives for the birthright of Jesus Christ to be the rightful king of the Jews. He shows how Jesus was born into the family of the kings, how he was able to fulfill all the prophecies, including the one to Jechoniah. He also shows the evidence of the supernatural. And, finally applies Isaiah's prophecy. We closed by talking about how all of this makes Jesus the most unique individual in all of history, and his blood being precious.

Scripture References: Matthew 1:1-25

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