In order to comply with the latest Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, Calvary Fellowship of Ottawa will implement membership voting at our legal corporation's Annual General Meetings.

This page has been prepared for you to understand what it means to be a member of Calvary.

If you have any questions, that are not answered here, please reach out to one of the members of our elder board: Andy, Pat, Jon, Andrew or Jeremi. You can do that by emailing elders (at)

Membership Qualifications

An individual will be considered a member of Calvary Fellowship Ottawa if they meet the following requirements.

1) Serve in some capacity (this includes, but is not limited to, nursery, Sunday school teacher, worship team, elder, hospitality, etc.) over the last fiscal year

2) Be financially invested in Calvary Fellowship of Ottawa

3) Be involved in or have participated in a discipleship course or curriculum as approved by the board (i.e. Navigator’s 2:7 Series study)

4) Agree to Calvary Ottawa’s Statement of Faith

5) Agree to and seek to follow the Code of Conduct expected of members

6) Be approved to be a member by the board

Note: At the discretion of the board, the board may decide, from time to time, to waive one or more of these membership conditions to allow someone to be a member who does not meet all of these conditions.

Click here to download the Statement of Faith.
Click here to download the Code of Conduct.