School of Ministry

Essential Lessons for Christian Leaders

There is a great need for Christ-like leaders.

The Calvary Fellowship School of Ministry is intended to provide a program to mentor and train Christians to be spiritual leaders through personal discipleship, study, and practical experience. Our desire is to equip believers for the work to which God has called them (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Jesus spent time with the disciples and put them in situations where they had to apply what they were learning. The disciples learned from Jesus’ teaching and example, and sought to replicate His ministry as they followed Him. This is our model for ministry.

When we consider the men and women used by God, we are impressed with the diversity of people used to accomplish His purposes. Abraham was the father of the faith. Joseph was a gifted administrator. Moses was a prince and a shepherd, and he spoke with God as to a man. He was the great lawgiver. Joshua was a courageous and brilliant military leader, and man of faith above his countrymen. David was a poet, shepherd, and Israel’s greatest king.

Ezra taught, Jeremiah wept, Esther was courageous, Peter was impulsive, John never forgot that Jesus loved him. Paul was brilliant. All were called. We can each be used by God.

How would your life be impacted if you were motivated to serve God; and you learned to serve Him effectively?

How could your family, community, and church be changed if you learned to serve God and His people?

We could change the world!

You can download a pdf with more information here: CF Ottawa SOM


The School of Ministry will consist of 13 modules each covering an important topic related to Christian growth or leadership. In total, these modules will last approximately 16 months. Completion of the program will equip you to serve as a leader in the local church or ministry.

(Individual modules may also be taken for personal growth without going through the entire program.)


1 - Spiritual Formation (6 weeks)

2 - Servant Leadership (4 weeks)

3 - The Leader’s Time (4 weeks)

4 - Expository Preaching (4 weeks)

5 - Defending the Faith (5 weeks)

6 - Ministry & People - Part 1 (3 weeks)

7 - Ministry & People - Part 2 (4 weeks)

8 - Missions (4 weeks)

9 - Planning & Vision (2 weeks)

10 - Equipping & Evangelism (2 weeks)

11 - Pastoral Epistles - 1 Timothy (10 weeks)

12 - Church History (4 weeks)

13 - Calvary Chapel Distinctives (4 weeks)


Ministry Involvement: Be regularly involved in an area of ministry where you can apply the lessons that you are learning in order to become a more effective spiritual leader.

Reading Assignments: Corresponding to each module will be an assigned book to read. These books will focus on Christian living, spiritual leadership, church history/biography, etc. The books are about 200 pages, and will cost about $15.00. (You are responsible to purchase the books on your own from the retailer of your choice.) You will submit a book report of 1-2 pages in length, describing what you have learned about God, the ministry, and yourself.

LifeWork: Homework, including reading assignments, will average one to two hours per week. These assignments will help you apply what you are learning.

Attendance: We will meet once a week for approximately 75 minutes of class time. Our time together will be a combination of discussion and teaching.

time & place

Please see form below for current days and times. All sessions are at the church meeting space at 816 Bank Street.

Registration is required.